We chose Palmex for the durability of their product

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We chose Palmex for the durability of their product

I’m a residential home builder in Atlanta, Georgia and recently purchased an investment property in Aruba. After doing my due diligence, I chose STONE-AGE-ARUBA, official distributor for Palmex International in Aruba, for our roofing material and installer of our new 3.8 meter x 3.8 meter four post palapa.

We chose Palmex for the durability of their product, full warranty and technical support. We chose STONE-AGE-ARUBA because of their great reputation for the material and installation to get the job done right. The result is amazing.  We decided to rent our property on a weekly basis and have already received many positive comments on the palapa.

People can’t believe its not made with real palm leaves.  They consistently ask “Who did this?”. The combination of Palmex and STONE-AGE-ARUBA has already contributed to our success.   We listed our villa online with the palapa in the lead picture.   We received our first reservation within 6 hours and three additional reservations the next day.  I am one happy customer!

To rent Mr. Clifford’s house in Aruba: 
+1 (404) 242-6286

Palmex Aruba – Stone-Age-Aruba

Mr. Brett Clifford
Palmex Aruba – Stone-Age-Aruba