Recyclable and guaranteed 20 years; Free of toxic substances.


Industrial-strength materials that reduces flammability.


100% waterproof.

High Wind-Resistance

Certified resistance up to 260km/h (160mph).

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Tiki Mundo / Palmex USA

Withstanding the exposure to rough New England winters, Palmex Thatch roofing is a fresh durable, and amazingly functional alternative to traditional roofing…

Cindy Lavoie

Customer of Tiki Mundo / Palmex USA

AmaZulu Inc.

The final outcome with the Domingo thatch roof and bamboo ceiling looks astonishing both during yoga and Pilates classes as well as during the wedding parties we host at night.

Manchebo Resort Beach & Spa, Aruba

Customer of AmaZulu, Tiki Mundo / Palmex USA dealer