Recyclable and guaranteed 20 years; Free of toxic substances.


Industrial-strength materials that reduces flammability.


100% waterproof.

High Wind-Resistance

Certified resistance up to 260km/h (160mph).

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Sol Tropical, Québec Canada

Nous sommes très satisfaits de l'apparence et du travail accompli. Les compliments fusent de toutes parts. Il ne nous reste qu'à en faire l'ouverture officielle le 28 juillet. Merci !

Mr. Guy Lapolice, Auberge des 3 Pins

Customer of Sol Tropical, Québec Canada

Oakville, Ontario

The products you sell, and the help you provided, was all an amateur like myself needed to build something great in my backyard.

Mr. Joel K.

Customer of Bouwmeister (previously Botiki)