Palmex Exotic roofing, surface and decor solutions

Our new Palmex Exotic collection offers a variety of artificial thatch roofing, surface and decor materials imitating the natural materials found worldwide. Whether you are looking for Asian reed, African reed or Bamboo, we provide the best quality products available on the market. Made for easy maintenance, long lasting and hassle-free projects.

Exotic Roof

Our Exotic roof collection offers a variety of artificial thatch roofing materials imitating the natural materials found worldwide. We provide the best quality products available on the market. Our Thatch is easy to maintain, long lasting and hassle-free. Perfect for any outdoor roofing project that calls out for the look and feel of exotic resorts.

Exotic Surface

Our Exotic surface collection complements any personal style and enhances any interior decorating project. You can create a unique and realistic tropical getaway with these high-quality products that are suitable for any room, and have been used in every type of location where design is as important as functionality – residential, hotels, restaurants, stores, offices, etc.

Exotic Decor

Our Exotic decor collection is perfect to enhance any space. Our unique decorative elements contribute largely to the look and feel of a space offering visual interest and detail. These finishing touches are sure to make a big impact!

Customer base

From the glamorous roof of a luxurious 5-star resort to an exotic yoga center in the middle of the jungle, our products offering weather resistance and dreamy looks are suitable for any type of customer.

Hotels & resorts
Hotels & resorts

Theme Parks
Theme parks



Retreat Eco centers
Retreat / Eco centers



Camping facilities
Camping facilities

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We are present in more than 87 countries spread on 5 continents.

Outstanding benefits


  • Full protection against mold and mildew, insects and animals avoiding proliferation of bacteria therefore providing you with clean thatch.

Long-term solution to over-harvesting

  • 50-year lifespan
  • 20-year warranty
  • No toxic product fumigation
  • 100% recyclable
peace of mind

Peace of mind

  • Quick and easy installation process
  • No leaf replacement or repair
  • No maintenance or daily upkeep for the indoor areas: Cost saving

Superior durability

  • Withstands exposure to harsh weather
  • Wind resistance from 160km/h up to 190km/h
  • UV-resistant
  • Industrial-strength material
  • Fire-retardant
return on investment

Return on investment

  • No renovation needed = no temporary hotel closing for maintenance = cost saving
  • No customer compensation
  • Structure protection

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