Palmex Original roofing solutions

Palmex Original collection offers a permanent solution for all of your projects around the world. When choosing us, you opt for exceptionally durable, resistant and recyclable products. You are selecting aesthetics that are virtually identical to natural roofing while choosing greater peace of mind with no maintenance and unbeatable longevity.


RIOHA, is designed to replicate the look of the coconut palm. The edge has a fine tip, which closely resembles those of palm trees found in many countries.


The Dombora leaf design comes straight from French Polynesia and perfectly replicates the traditional thatch that has been used there for centuries. The edge has a wider tip, which closely resembles the pandanus palm tree.


Designed to replicate the appearance of the reed of African thatching. Our Aforika leaf, offered in three colors, can be used to create any Safari or Jungle experience.


Samana is the most rugged type of thatch that replicates the thick layered look of authentic thatch roofing.
Its shorter edge has a fuller tip, which ensures a raw and natural look.


Created from the standard leaf, the clippable Fiji leaf is exclusive to galvanized metal umbrella-shaped structures.


Our Palmita leaf is designed for all your DIY backyard roofing projects. Whether you are looking to add tropical flair to your outdoor bar or an exotic touch to your backyard pergola, Palmita, is the product for you. Made from commercial high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Palmita has all the benefits of our original product, but in a smaller size for easy handling and DIY installation.


Some finishing accessories for a better look.

Customer base

From the glamorous roof of a luxurious 5-star resort to an exotic yoga center in the middle of the jungle, our products offering weather resistance and dreamy looks are suitable for any type of customer.

Hotels & resorts
Hotels & resorts

Theme Parks
Theme parks



Retreat Eco centers
Retreat / Eco centers



Camping facilities
Camping facilities

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We are present in more than 87 countries spread on 5 continents.

Outstanding benefits


  • Full protection against mold and mildew, insects and animals avoiding proliferation of bacteria therefore providing you with clean thatch.
Eco responsible


  • 50-year lifespan
  • 20-year warranty
  • Environmentally-friendly material
  • No toxic product fumigation
  • Recycled & recyclable
  • Zero-waste production
  • Reusable packaging
peace of mind

Peace of mind

  • Quick and easy installation process
  • No leaf replacement or repair
  • No maintenance or daily upkeep for the indoor areas: Cost saving
all-weather proof

All-weather proof

  • 100% waterproof
  • Certified wind-resistance to 260 km/h (160 mph)
  • Certified UV-resistant and fade-resistant
  • Industrial-strength material
  • Fire-retardant version available
  • Proven insulation
return on investment

Return on investment

  • No renovation needed = no temporary hotel closing for maintenance = cost saving
  • No customer compensation
  • Structure protection

Certifications & memberships

Our certifications and memberships comply with the regulations that security, environment, product credibility and quality require.  Our company is dedicated to making sure we respect them.


Product certification & memberships can thus be seen as an engagement from us, proving our desire to stay well aware of the trends and best practices in our industry, while staying deeply connected to customers’ needs and desires.

Palmex vs Natural Natural Roofing
20 years Warranty Generally non-existent
50 years Lifespan 2-5 years
100% recyclable Eco-friendly Toxic fumigation / waste production
Maintenance free Maintenance Needs maintenance
Certified all-weather proof Weather proof Suffers damage from weather

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