Why synthetic thatch is the perfect solution for the hotel industry

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Why synthetic thatch is the perfect solution for the hotel industry


Today, hotels and resorts have become travel destinations themselves, and guests look forward to enjoying experiences of a lifetime while on a vacation, both inside and outside the property.  In order to stand out in this highly competitive industry, hoteliers must provide an extraordinary experience as well as ensure the safety and comfort of their guests. But no comprehensive approach to this would be complete without considering roofing, an essential element, protecting a critical asset that must deliver brand value and a solid return on investment, day in and day out, year after year.  Hoteliers should always be confident that their roofs will look good and be safe no matter what Mother Nature throws at them.

Hotels and resorts throughout the world are discovering problems with the continued use of natural thatch roofing material. A recent increase in thatch roof fires has caused the hospitality industry to examine its use of natural thatch roofing materials and structures. Natural thatching requires costly and time-consuming maintenance along with the treatment of environmentally harmful chemicals, such as flame-retardants and insect fumigants that can put guests in danger or cause the loss of business. The issues with natural thatching materials can be avoided with the use of safer and more eco-friendly synthetic thatch.

Palmex roof thatching is unbeatable when it comes to providing resort facilities with an authentic exotic power of attraction and the peaceful and inspiring atmosphere needed to relax weary vacationers.

As many resorts and other tourism properties prepare themselves to welcome back their customers, the current pandemic is forcing them to implement new cleanliness protocols. Palmex products can help them to redefine new standards and enable them to procure a peace-of-mind vacation to their customers.


PALMEX products are designed to outperform in several ways:

✅20-year warranty. 50-year Lifespan

✅Resistant to fading, mold, decay, rot, vermin and pests.

✅100 % recyclable, non-toxic, sustainable and manufactured in accordance with the highest standards.

✅Tested for resistance to rain, snow, sun and very strong winds.

✅No maintenance required.

✅Palmex thatch roofs can be taken down and reinstalled.

✅They allow for considerable savings in ventilation, heating and cooling.

We offer roofing products to accommodate any design and location. We can ensure you get the look you want with the performance capabilities you need in your particular environment. From hotel roofs and window eaves, terrace and balcony canopies, pool houses, BBQ or outdoor cooking areas, shower cabins and beach bars… you name it, we thatch it.

Cindy Angelini | Palmex International