New certification: Winds up to 260 km/h

New certification: Winds up to 260 km/h

Among the Palmex synthetic palm leaves advantages, wind resistance is one of the most important. Unlike natural palm leaves, Palmex products are durable and thanks to their excellent wind resistance, they can withstand storms and hurricanes.

New certification: Palmex obtains the best rating

In fact, Rioha and Aforika palm leaves have recently obtained a new certification, the ASTM D3161/D3161M standard. This standard ensures resistance to high winds on low slope roofs. The sheets have achieved a Class F rating, which is the highest possible rating for this standard!

A gentle slope and strong winds

The gentler the slope, the greater the wind load and the greater the risk of losing leaves. However, the tests were performed on winds of 260 km/h with a slope of less than 10 degrees, which is quite remarkable.

Installation of the leaves

The tests were done both with the leaves installed on rails and with the sheets installed directly on a closed plywood roof. On an open roof, the resistance is generally better as the wind can pass between the leaves. Moreover, it is even more remarkable that the tests were conclusive on a closed roof.

One of the most remarkable advantages

With Palmex leaves, you can rest assured that the wind resistance is strong. In fact, Palmex roofing products (Original and Exotic collections) are durable for 50 years and guaranteed for 20 years.