New collection : Outdoor Living

New collection : Outdoor Living

Palmex is proud to introduce a new collection of products for outdoor furniture, the Outdoor Living collection. With this line, Palmex aims to offer you a greater variety of products to meet various needs to enhance your projects: residential, hotel, water parks, etc.

The umbrella you need!

Parasol Sumatra sur le bord de la plage avec chaises longues

Three umbrella models are available now in the Outdoor Living collection. The umbrellas are offered in a ready-to-assemble kit that includes all the necessary parts for assembly. This solution is ideal for peace of mind. The umbrellas offer the most remarkable look!

The characteristics


  • Coated steel
  • Available in different diameters: 7, 9 and 11 feet
  • Height of 6 feet


  • High density polyethylene (HDPE) or PVC
  • Extruded profile
  • UV protection
  • Resistant
  • 100% recyclable

The unique Palmex models


The leaves of the Sumatra umbrella model offer a very original look with its shades of brown, green and yellow.

Asian Reed

The Asian Reed umbrella’s leaves are in earthy hues and the panels replicate the look of traditional Asian reed.

Asian Reed Savannah

The leaves of the umbrella replicate the natural Asian reed, with thick layering.

Stay tuned for this new collection, more to come!