The Domingo thatch roof and bamboo ceiling looks astonishing

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The Domingo thatch roof and bamboo ceiling looks astonishing

Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa in Aruba recently purchased Palmex synthetic thatch for one of his large outdoor pavilion through amaZulu inc. in Florida.

Here is what Mr. Edgar Roelofs, General Manager of the resort had to say:

“The pavilion on the beach was created about 15 years ago as a venue to host weddings and group functions. As the original canvas roof was ready for replacement, we started to search for options to upgrade the overall experience of the venue and found amaZulu to be a great partner with a great variety of products. The final outcome with the Domingo thatch roof and bamboo ceiling looks astonishing both during yoga and Pilates classes as well as during the wedding parties we host at night. From the outside it looks supernatural as well as it blends in very well with the many beach-shade palapas that we have for our guests.”

Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa,
Eagle Beach, Aruba –

Manchebo Resort Beach & Spa, Aruba
AmaZulu, Tiki Mundo / Palmex USA dealer