Palmex Thatch, a «Green» Choice?

Palmex Thatch, a «Green» Choice?

How can an Artificial Palm Thatch Product be a «Green» choice?

Our synthetic palm thatch eliminates the need for fumigation and fire retardants.

Because it is a natural material (and thus, a food source) natural palm thatch is a living ecosystem. Damp palm fronds are the perfect environment for growing mold and mildew. And they are a haven for insects. That’s why companies are forced to fumigate their natural palm thatch structures as frequently as once a day in humid locations. And natural palm thatch is extremely flammable unless it’s treated with fire retardant chemicals.

Eliminating natural palm thatch can save your company thousands of dollars a year… and it can help save the environment from contamination by unnecessary fumigants and fire retardant chemicals.

Natural Palm Thatch Supplies are Dwindling

Until recently, natural palm thatch was relatively inexpensive. But now, supplies of the most common thatching palms are decreasing. Pala Palas, Pandanus and Palma Cana thatch palm trees take several years to recover between harvests. Prices are expected to rise as these natural sources of palm thatch roofing become scarcer.

Our Synthetic Palm Thatch lasts over 50 years.  And during the 20 year warranty of our synthetic palm thatch product, a natural palm tree would have to be harvested as many as seven times to supply the same square footage of roof coverage. That’s seven times as much fuel used to transport the thatch to your site.

Environmental Responsibility

Although the synthetic roofing products from Palmex are not entirely made of recycled plastics for reasons of durability and guarantee, it is one of the sturdiest plastics on the market and one whose resistance to decomposition and deterioration is highly recognized. When done with it, one must recycle! Because of the imperatives of conservation and rationalization of our epoch, this highly reusable plastic is very appreciated by recycler and it is obviously the avenue most indicated to dispose of the Palmex products.

Source: My Thatch Roof, Palmex distributor in Texas, USA