Exotic Roof

Our Exotic roof collection offers a variety of artificial thatch roofing materials imitating the natural materials found worldwide. We provide the best quality products available on the market. Our Thatch is easy to maintain, long lasting and hassle-free. Perfect for any outdoor roofing project that calls out for the look and feel of exotic resorts.

Asian Reed Thatch

Designed to re-create the look and feel of traditional Asian grass thatching, our Asian Reed can be laid directly over an existing roof structure, such as wooden panels, asphalt shingles, metal sheeting, or any other finished paneling.

African Reed Thatch

Our African Reed Thatch captures all the visual qualities of natural roofing, without all the hassle. It’s impressive visual appeal and long-lasting performance is sure to please for many years to come.

Customer base

From the glamorous roof of a luxurious 5-star resort to an exotic yoga center in the middle of the jungle, our products offering weather resistance and dreamy looks are suitable for any type of customer.

Hotels & resorts
Hoteles y complejos turísticos

Theme Parks
Parques temáticos


Casa habitación

Retreat Eco centers
Centros de retiro y centros ecológicos

Parques Acuáticos


Camping facilities
Instalaciones para hacer camping

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