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Descubre el testimonio del Hotel Manavai en la Isla de Pascua en nuestra sección de  VÍDEOS  : «  Lo que nuestros clientes dicen de nosotros » Episodio 2
Gracias al Sr. Benjamin Paoa Huki, propietario.

Discover the testimonial of Manavai Hotel in Easter Island in our VIDEO section: "What our customers say about us, Episode 2".
​Thanks to Mr. Benjamin Paoa Huki, hotel owner.

Découvrez le témoignage de l'hôtel Manavai à l'Île de Pâques dans notre section VIDÉOS : "Ce que nos clients disent de nous, Épisode 2".
​Merci à M. Benjamin Paoa Huki, propriétaire.

Manavai Hotel

Isla de Pascua, Chile

Découvrez le témoignage de l'un de nos plus anciens clients, l'hôtel Intercontinental Pacific Beachcomber à Moorea, dans notre section VIDÉOS : "Ce que nos clients disent de nous, Épisode 1".
Merci à M. Bruno Chevallereau, assistant directeur de projets.

Discover the testimonial of one of our first customers, the Hotel Intercontinental Pacific Beachcomber in Moorea, in our VIDEO section: "What our customers say about us, Episode 1".
​Thanks to Mr. Bruno Chevallereau, assistant project manager.

Descubre el testimonio de uno de nuestros mas antiguos clientes, el Hotel Intercontinental Pacific Beachcomber en Moorea,  en nuestra sección de VÍDEOS : «  Lo que nuestros clientes dicen de nosotros » Episodio 1.
Gracias al Sr. Bruno Chevallereau, asistente jefe de proyecto

Hôtel Intercontinental Pacific Beachcomber

Moorea, Polynésie Française

This is the third time we have used Palmex and Stone Age Aruba to build our dream palapas and we couldn’t be more pleased. Anjo built a pool bar palapa and palapa attached to the rear of the house. The palapas are a key component to giving our backyard paradise the tropical feel we were looking for. The quality of the construction and longevity of the Palmex thatch roofing have given us great peace of mind and we know they will be standing strong and look amazing for many years.   Thanks again Anjo!  

Mr. Brett Clifford

Customer of Stone-Age-Aruba/Palmex Aruba, official Palmex distributor in Aruba

Mr. Brett Clifford

Stone-Age-Aruba/Palmex Aruba

Good morning Bill,

Well our Tiki Hut is complete and we are very happy with it. While it is late in the summer I know we will definitely get lots of use for ourselves and friends in the future. Everyone who sees it thinks it’s great. I am sending you a couple of photos.

Thank you!

Linda Laframboise

Linda Laframboise

Tiki Hut Paradise

Thank you so much for getting us this thatch!
It went on easily and has held up perfectly in the heavy winds, rain and heat.
We wanted to see if we could fool real Hawaiians so we blind folded three and took them to the Tiki to see if they would think they were still in Hawaii.

Two out of three Hawaiians could not tell the difference between your thatch and real Hawaiian thatch and the third Hawaiian thougt she was in Fiji... so close enough!!!!

We love it and may put it on our house too!!!!

Bob and Alicia Vacchiano 

Bob and Alicia Vacchiano

Tiki Mundo / Palmex USA