Roof replacement can save you money!

Roof replacement can save you money!

Whether you are a hotelier, a restaurant owner or you own a building with natural thatch roofing, this article is for you! Soon or later will come the time to replace the thatch that has been altered by wind, rain, humidity, birds, insects and mold.

Skimping on your roofing needs has detrimental effects that trickle down to every other area of your facility, including impacting your bottom dollar. Roof replacement is sometimes a necessary expense for your business or home . Even though it’s initially costly, you can actually save money by installing a new roof, as long as you choose the right roofing product.

Depending on the extent of your renovation, you will have to close some or all of the premises. Before starting, there is something very important to consider: your budget. And that includes…

–         Purchasing the new roofing material + tools/fasteners/other equipment

–         The service of a professional team/roofer may be necessary if the installation   process is too complicated

–         Removal of the old thatch

–         Getting rid of the old thatch

–         Installing the new roofing material. Process can be rather long with natural thatch   (fragile material, fixing    method)

–         Cleaning the premises once the work is completed

–         Loss of revenues due to the partial or total closure of the property.

When you choose natural thatch, this process must be repeated every 2 to 5 years, 8 at the most if you keep repairing the roofs to avoid leakage and if you regularly apply a treatment against insects and fire.

Choosing Palmex synthetic thatch

Minimize your investment, save time and energy, save on your insurance cost, and gain peace-of-mind. Re-thatch for the last time with Palmex sustainable synthetic thatch roofing/umbrella solution!

While Palmex may cost more than natural thatch does, in the long run, our artificial thatch solution more than justifies the initial higher investment and here is why.

Unlike other roofing solutions, Palmex is made of HDPE, an industrial grade plastic made to mimic the look of natural thatch. As a consequence, it is very light. This means that your roof will hardly stress the structure supporting it and you can save a significant amount on structural and material costs.

Corinne Schevin and Cindy Angelini | Palmex International