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Palmex in Philippines: Replace your nipa thatched roof for the last time

Palmex offers he best exotic synthetic roofing solutions in Philippines with durable and ecolfriendly roofing solutions that last 50 years.

Whether it’s for a resort, beach hotel, restaurant, etc. Palmex faux nipa thatch is the best choice for your project.

Palmex artifical palm leaf is manufactured in Canada with industrial strength materials. It is UV protected and guaranteed for 20 years.

The tropical thatching roof is wind resistant and fire resistant. With rail option, Palmex thatch can even be installed on rafters for a beautiful open roof. In addition, Palmex solution is waterproof, no worry for the abundant rainfall.

Our products are also maintenance free. By choosing Palmex Tropical Thatching, you are making a long-term investment, thereby substantially increasing the capital value of your property.

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Peace of mind

of mind

All-weather proof

All-weather proof

Return on investment

Return on investment

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