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Palmex in India: Replace your thatched roof for the last time

Palmex is one of the best roofing solutions in India, with its eco roofing solution that last 50 years and a 20-year warranty.

If you are looking for an artificial palm thatch roof that look like natural thatch, Palmex is what you need for a tropical roofing. Palmex products can be installed on rafters (open roof) with the rails option. From the glamorous roof of a luxurious 5-star resort to an exotic yoga center in the middle of the jungle, our products offering weather resistance and dreamy looks are suitable for any type of customer: whether it’s for hotels & resort, theme parks, zoos, housing or even beaches!

As well as being a durable solution, Palmex products are also 100% waterproof and maintenance free. By choosing Palmex Tropical Thatching, you are making a long-term investment, thereby substantially increasing the capital value of your property.

The official Palmex distributors in India are here to better serve you, with a physical presence in India. Contact us for free quotations, get more info on our products or receive services from our local distributors!



Peace of mind

of mind

All-weather proof

All-weather proof

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Return on investment

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