Testimonials from our clients

Hi Robert,

Bob and I wanted to thank you once again for the great job you and your crew did for us, we are so happy with how everything turned out, the look we wanted is even better than we imagined, the workmanship is outstanding and the way your crew had pride in their work was a reflection on you and how they were trained, thank you so much!

Jackie & Bob, Costa Ballena, Costa Rica

Jackie & Bob

Palmex Costa Rica

Hi Robert, we are loving the casita roof you installed a couple years ago! It looks great and keeps the casita dry, bright and cool. Kris Atkinson

Kris Atkinson

Palmex Costa Rica

I'm a residential home builder in Atlanta, Georgia and recently purchased an investment property in Aruba. After doing my due diligence, I chose STONE-AGE-ARUBA, official distributor for Palmex International in Aruba, for our roofing material and installer of our new 3.8 meter x 3.8 meter four post palapa. We chose Palmex for the durability of their product, full warranty and technical support. We chose STONE-AGE-ARUBA because of their great reputation for the material and installation to get the job done right. The result is amazing.  We decided to rent our property on a weekly basis and have already received many positive comments on the palapa.   People can't believe its not made with real palm leaves.  They consistently ask "Who did this?". The combination of Palmex and STONE-AGE-ARUBA has already contributed to our success.   We listed our villa online with the palapa in the lead picture.   We received our first reservation within 6 hours and three additional reservations the next day.  I am one happy customer!

To rent Mr. Clifford's house in Aruba: 

+1 (404) 242-6286


Palmex Aruba – Stone-Age-Aruba



Mr. Brett Clifford

Palmex Aruba - Stone-Age-Aruba

Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa in Aruba recently purchased Palmex synthetic thatch for one of his large outdoor pavilion through amaZulu inc. in Florida.

Here is what Mr. Edgar Roelofs, General Manager of the resort had to say:

"The pavilion on the beach was created about 15 years ago as a venue to host weddings and group functions. As the original canvas roof was ready for replacement, we started to search for options to upgrade the overall experience of the venue and found amaZulu to be a great partner with a great variety of products. The final outcome with the Domingo thatch roof and bamboo ceiling looks astonishing both during yoga and Pilates classes as well as during the wedding parties we host at night. From the outside it looks supernatural as well as it blends in very well with the many beach-shade palapas that we have for our guests."

Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa, Eagle Beach, Aruba - www.manchebo.com

Manchebo Resort Beach & Spa, Aruba

AmaZulu, Tiki Mundo / Palmex USA dealer

Addressed to John Bowmeister from Bouwmeister Inc., previously Botiki

Dear John, 

I am writing to tell you, and every would-be customer of Bo-Tiki, just how great your products are and how great you were to deal with. 

To begin, I've included some pictures of what I've built. I'm still doing some lighting effects, but what you see I was able to build myself with the products you sell, the instruction video on your website, and your phone advice. We are very, very happy with the result, and our friends who came for the "opening" of the tiki were just delighted and amazed. 

The products you sell, and the help you provided, was all an amateur like myself needed to build something great in my backyard. 

Now, I'd like to turn to how great you were to deal with. John, I want you to know how very grateful I am for your honesty, your patience and your encouragement. Part of the enjoyment of building this backyard beauty was the pleasure of dealing with you. And not just once, but several times, as my plans expanded. A friendly, helpful, encouraging vendor like you just made my project that much more fun, and the result that much more satisfying. 

Though I'm no expert, I've built many things in my backyard. I've dealt with many vendors, from giants like Home Depot to family businesses like yours. Truly I tell you, and it is my pleasure to tell others, that your customers can look forward with confidence to working with you, and buying from you. 

I'd be more than happy to expand on any of this, for many of your customers. 

Kindest personal regards, 

Joel K. 

Mr. Joel K.

Bouwmeister (previously Botiki)