Testimonials from our clients

Hello Palmex,

I purchased your Domingo style thatch from Tiki Mundo in 2007 to replace the real grass thatch I had installed on my Tiki Bar/Cabana in 2005.  It is now 6 years later and the Domingo thatch still looks like new!  It has stood up to everything from hot sun, high winds, rain and heavy snow we see here in Massachusetts.  I just want to say I love this product, it's fantastic!!  I get comments on it all the time from my guests. 


Gary Leblanc, Massachusetts USA 

www.tikimundo.com / www.palmex-usa.com

Gary Leblanc

Tiki Mundo / Palmex USA

Bonjour Madame
Je vous envoie quelques photos de la terrasse comme demandé.  Nous sommes très satisfaits de l'apparence et du travail accompli.  Les compliments fusent de toutes parts.  Il ne nous reste qu'à en faire l'ouverture officielle le 28 juillet.  Merci !

M. Guy Lapolice, propriétaire

Auberge des 3 Pins, 210 Principale, Saint-Guillaume, QC J0C 1L0

Mr. Guy Lapolice, Auberge des 3 Pins

Sol Tropical, Québec Canada

Withstanding the exposure to rough New England winters, Palmex Thatch roofing is a fresh durable, and amazingly functional alternative to traditional roofing… Give us the aesthetic appeal we need with the durability and ease to use, which other materials have lacked.

Thank you Palmex, simply put… we love it!


Cindy Lavoie

Tiki Mundo / Palmex USA

Tonight we had neighbors visiting and they are so excited about the Palmex!  In addition, the engineer for our architect was here today and he asked us to provide him with your information. He thinks the product is beautiful.

Mary and Lee Addlemen

Palmex Costa Rica

The roof is looking great! Of course, as you can imagine, already there have been many admiring passers-by. Who knew that putting on a roof would pull in so many new acquaintances?

Kristine and Jim Atkinson

Palmex Costa Rica