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Ontario, Canada: Bouwmeister Inc.

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Bouwmeister Inc., Canada, Ontario (Mr. John Bouwmeister)
Stouffville, ON

Telephone : +1 905-640-1323
Email : johnb@bouwmeister.com

Exotic Roofing That Lasts! 
In Every business, there is a time when something revolutionary happens.

In the roofing business, that event is the introduction of exotic roofing. Roofing that perpetuates a matchless image of traditional buildings built in many countries and is manufactured by unique, patented process that ensures durability, waterproofness and solar protection.

Whether it be a private home, resort, recreational park or structures around your pool, you can now cover your structures with a roof reminiscent of your favorite sunshine destination at an affordable price. In fact, since the Palmex leaves come with a 20 year guarantee, you may not have to re-roof your structures again.



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