Ecológicamente responsable

Reciclable y con garantía por 20 años; sin sustancias tóxicas.

Resistente al fuego

Materiales de calidad industrial que ayudan a reducir la inflamabilidad.

Resistente al agua

100% impermeable.

Resistencia a vientos de alta velocidad

Resistencia de hasta 260 km/h (160 mph).

Solicitud de información

Palmex Costa Rica

Tonight we had neighbors visiting and they are so excited about the Palmex! In addition, the engineer for our architect was here today and he asked us to provide him with your information. He thinks the product is beautiful.

Mary and Lee Addlemen

Customer of Palmex Costa Rica

Palmex Costa Rica

Hi Robert, we are loving the casita roof you installed a couple years ago! It looks great and keeps the casita dry, bright and cool. Kris Atkinson

Kris Atkinson

Customer of Palmex Costa Rica