World Leader in Synthetic Thatch Roofing

Palmex International Inc. is currently the world’s leading producer and distributor of synthetic palm leaves used to build and renovate traditional thatch roofing.

In order to meet the needs of home-owners and exceed commercial investors’ expectations, our team has worked on designing and developing an artificial thatch roofing product that is both durable and ecologically-sound, with classic aesthetics. It stands as a highly-effective substitute for the commonly-used natural palm leaves, which are now classified as endangered species and protected in numerous countries.

Palmex synthetic thatch roofing materials meet with the strictest safety standards and with building and construction norms currently in place globally. Our leaves and accessories adapt to fit any architectural style or roofing type. Weather-proof, UV-resistant and waterproof: these are the Palmex guarantees - thanks to a high-quality polyethylene and to a manufacturing and installation process that are both unique and patented.